About Us

Hunt Hinges Inc. is a manufacturer of continuous hinges, custom hinges and stampings, marine and industrial assembly components, and an entire offering of wood fence hardware. We also offer a complete stamping and state-of-the-art tool and die facility, which is capable of taking a concept from digital design simulation to finished parts.

Our stamping and tool and die facility produces a wide offering of products to diverse industries such as: marine, military, medial, transportation, agricultural, construction machinery, emergency vehicles, and wood fence hardware.

At Hunt Hinges, we are dedicated to bringing you quality products and outstanding customer service.


In 1954 William Hunt began a company called Tool-Rite Inc. in Dallas, Texas. This company mainly produced fabricated parts for the marine industry. When the primary manufacturing focus shifted over to hinges, Tool-Rite Inc. became known as Hunt Hinges after the company's founder..